Aquatica releases details, photos of Nikon D3 housing Photo

Aquatica releases details, photos of Nikon D3 housing

Aquatica has sent us photos of a preproduction model of their new housing for the Nikon D3 dSLR.

The Aquatica D3 is compatible with the new Nikkor 14-24 and features built-in remote trigger capability, access to the Live View feature, and a new “Port locking mechanism…[giving] photographs the added piece of mind of knowing their ports are securely mounted.

The aluminum housing is rated to 300 ft and weighs only 8lb. Continue for the full press release…

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Shark Diver publishes irresponsible articles, replies dismissively Photo

Shark Diver publishes irresponsible articles, replies dismissively

Andy Sallmon, an underwater photographer and supporter of Jim Abernethy, wrote to Shark Diver after seeing their blog posts that state erroneously that Markus Groh died at Tiger Beach. The implication in their series of posts is that 1) the incident happened at Tiger Beach, 2) the diver died at Tiger Beach, and 3) there might have been a tiger shark involved.  In the articles, they use a photo in blue water of a diver surrounded by sharks, and photos of tiger sharks.

Continue reading for full correspondence, including Shark Diver’s dismissive (and anonymous) reply. “This is just a blog,” they write.

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Petition to BDA: let us dive with sharks in the Bahamas

If you support Jim Abernethy and cageless shark diving in the Bahamas, please sign the petition to the Bahamas Diving Association:

Excerpt: We represent a cross-section of divers, conservationists, shark enthusiasts, scientists, and professional photographers and filmmakers who strongly support conscientious and responsible cageless shark diving operations including Jim Abernethy’s Scuba Adventures in the Bahamas. Such operators have allowed tens of thousands of divers to safely go beyond the constraints of cages and experience compelling shark interactions… [sign the petition] [see who has signed]

You can also leave a testimonial about Markus Groh, Jim Abernethy, or the Shear Water. We also have a list of other things you can do to help!

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Bahamas shark bite statement from Shark Angels Photo

Bahamas shark bite statement from Shark Angels

The Shark Angels, a team of engaging, young conservationists, were recently out on a shark expedition with Jim Abernethy aboard the Shear Water, and have issued a statement about yesterday’s tragic shark bite in the Bahamas.

The Angels include Kim McCoy, Executive Director of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Julie Andersen, Director of Shark Savers, and Alison Kock, Marine Biologist with Save Our Seas Foundation. Also on the Shear Water was Rob Stewart, director of the award-winning documentary, Sharkwater.  Continue reading to see their full statement.

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Film Review: Island of the Great White Sharks Photo

Film Review: Island of the Great White Sharks

When it comes to Great White sharks, there are few ambivalent opinions. Whether its the diver next to you or the guy from Oklahoma who has never seen the ocean, we are either repulsed or drawn magnetically towards these enigmatic predators.  Since a minor percentage of people, even divers, ever encounter a shark in the wild; the media plays a pivotal role in our perception of the ocean’s apex predators.

As a documentarian who loves to swim with sharks, I have to admit my bias towards Carcharodon carcharias, and after watching the premiere of RTSEA Productions’ film Island of the Great White Sharks at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach CA, I am also guilty of another emotion: absolute envy…

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Sign petitions to protect reefs in Hawaii, protest slaughter of whales Photo

Sign petitions to protect reefs in Hawaii, protest slaughter of whales

On Monday, February 25, 2008, the Hawaiian Legislature will hear testimony on Senate Bill 3225 which intends to regulate aquarium trade harvesting in Hawaii for the first time. Previously, the Hawaiian harvesting fisheries have self-reported “$820,000 [in sales] while the trade group Hawai’i Tropical Fish Association publicly estimated it’s total sales at around $4.9 million for the same year”, or nearly six times more than reported harvested.

If you’ve had the experience to snorkel or dive in the Hawaiian Islands (you do not have to be a resident of Hawaii), take a minute to submit your testimony before Monday about the importance of limiting harvesting of reef fish life.

In addition, a new online whaling protest petition intended for the International Whaling Commission has garnered over a million signatures - visit Whales Revenge to add your support.

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Fantasea announces Nano “Spotter” LED dive light Photo

Fantasea announces Nano “Spotter” LED dive light

Fantasea Line has introduced the Nano “Spotter” LED dive light, featuring five LED bulbs that last up to 60 hours on four AAA batteries. The dive light, depth rated to 100ft, can be fitted with one of five different color disks (white, blue, yellow, green and red) for easy identification during night, wreck, or cave diving (no more colored Cyalume light sticks).

Continue to the Fantasea Line website for the full press release and pricing details…

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