Final call for voting in Raja Ampat Tag Competition 2009 Photo

Final call for voting in Raja Ampat Tag Competition 2009

Hello, readers! This is a last call to vote for the image that will be used on the 2009 Raja Ampat park tag, which will be attached to every visiting diver’s BCD. The voting deadline is on Thursday, September 25, 2008. It only takes a minute or two, so vote now!

On a serious note, we’ve noticed some strange voting activity. It appears that some people are creating new users solely for the purpose of voting in the tag contest. We’ve analyzed the logs—it’s pretty obvious,  so I’ve changed the voting logic to try to account for some of this.  We are not saying that you shouldn’t encourage all of your friends to come vote. Just don’t try to game the system.

OK—vote away!

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Manta Fest 2008 closing words Photo

Manta Fest 2008 closing words

Our time in Yap has come to an end.  We would like to thank the entire staff of the Manta Ray Bay Hotel and Yap Divers for hosting us for the first two weeks of Manta Fest 2008.

We had several Wetpixel members arrive over the previous few days and have had some great dives with them so far.  Todd Mintz (aka Yasemtough) was welcomed in proper Yapese fashion with an up close and personal visit from Valerina, one of the friendliest mantas here.  As she moved slowly toward the cleaning station, she decided to check out Todd instead.  With a few graceful beats of her wings, she hovered inches away from Todd’s camera…

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Dome Port Diaries - Chapter 2: Photography Photo

Dome Port Diaries - Chapter 2: Photography

I’ve never known diving without cameras. My first dive trip was a bribe; go to Sulawesi with the cast and crew of The Digital Shootout and teach a few of the subtle nuances of Adobe Photoshop. Irresistible.

The trip was unfortunate in its timing; we left San Francisco on September 10th of 2001 and, by the time we landed in Singapore, the United States had become a very different country. It seemed callous to continue on with our vacation and not return home at once to brace ourselves for whatever was to happen next. But even if we wanted to come home, air travel (especially into and out of the U.S.) was halted. Our fate had been decided…

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Tony Wu blogs from Tonga: Week Six with Humpbacks Photo

Tony Wu blogs from Tonga: Week Six with Humpbacks

Tony Wu has written his sixth and final installment to his weekly chronicles of Tonga humpback whales encounters and other experiences in the kingdom, and has compiled a photo summary of all 16 humpback whale calves :

And finally, as we headed back to port after swimming with mom and calf on our last day on the water, we came upon eight resting whales in shallow water.

Being near one whale is inspiring enough, but being in the midst of eight humongous whales is absolutely amazing! We swam among the whales for 20 minutes or so as the competitive males circled the female and surfaced from time to time for air, until the female finally left the bottom and started to swim again, with all the males in hot pursuit…


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Canon UK and WWF “Freeze Frame…Living on Thin Ice” lecture Photo

Canon UK and WWF “Freeze Frame…Living on Thin Ice” lecture

Cameras Underwater is pleased to offer the chance to see extreme wildlife photographers Doug Allan and Sue Flood talk about their experiences, up close and personal with polar bears, as they present personal videos and images during the Canon and World Wildlife Fund-sponsored presentation “Freeze Frame…Living on Thin Ice.”

The lecture, to be held at the prestigious IMAX cinema near Waterloo Station on September 24, 2008, will “provide an opportunity to view unique footage of life in the Arctic…[and hear] about the effects of climate change on the plight of the polar bear.” All proceeds from the event will go directly to the WWF - read on for all the details…

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Ikonoskop A-Cam DII, the new RAW HD video camera Photo

Ikonoskop A-Cam DII, the new RAW HD video camera

Ikonoskop, a Swedish maker of cinematic film cameras, has just announced its latest offering, the A-Cam dII. This 1.5kg compact camera uses Leica, PL, IMS and C Mount lenses, shooting 1080p at 1-60fps in RAW mode to a 80GB memory cartridge, also developed by Ikonoskop. The cartridge can record at 240MB/s and holds 12 minutes of images at 25fps.

With its compact size and weight, this camera signals the exciting possibilities for the future of underwater filmmaking - join the ongoing discussion in the forums for the latest news…

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Nikon D3 Field Review in the East Pacific. PART 3

Wetpixel’s Alex Mustard has recently returned from an extended shoot with the Nikon D3 in a Subal ND3 housing the East Pacific, diving in Canada, USA and Mexico. This three part field review discusses what the DX to FX change means to a Nikon shooter underwater and explores the capabilities of the Nikon D3.

Part 3 is now available covering wide angle, dome performance, rectilinear and fisheye lenses, high ISO, dynamic range, summary and conclusions.

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Canon announces EOS 5D Mark II SLR Photo

Canon announces EOS 5D Mark II SLR

Today, Canon finally announced the successor to the 5D, the EOS 5D Mark II. The 5D Mk II is a full-frame digital SLR featuring a 21-megapixel CMOS sensor, full 1080p HD video recording (H.264, with sound), and DIGIC IV processor. It shoots at 3.9 fps continuous, and has a buffer of 13 RAW frames or up to 310 Fine JPG frames. It doesn’t look like the 5D Mk II is fully weather sealed. Underwater photographers are hopeful that the camera will fit into existing 5D housings.

The 5D Mk II is priced at US$ 2,699 / € 2,499 / £ 2,299.

Canon also announced a new 24mm f1.4L USM lens (a ground-up redesign) that is weather-sealed.

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