DEMA 2006: Seacam Photo

DEMA 2006: Seacam

I always look forward to seeing Harald Hordorsch’s big smile as he walks around his Seacam booth making sure everything is perfect.  Stephen Frink showed me Seacam’s new 1D Mk II N housing, which uses the same front half as the current 1D/1Ds Mk II housing.  The rear has been changed to accomodate the N’s larger LCD screen and button placement.  Seacam’s housings are known for their high quality and unsurpassed ergonomics.

Also on display was Seacam’s Seaflash 250 Digital Strobe, a hefty strobe which does proper E-TTL and iTTL (for a good time, ask Harald about E-TTL).

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DEMA 2006: SEAL Expeditions Photo

DEMA 2006: SEAL Expeditions

SEAL Expeditions is an adventure tour company in South Africa offering sardine run expeditions, great white shark trips, cycle safaris, and more.  Last year, Wetpixel used SEAL to take a group of adventurious photographers to experience the sardine run off the eastern cape of South Africa.

Nic de Gersigney and Lauren manned the booth.

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DEMA 2006: Reef & Rainforest Photo

DEMA 2006: Reef & Rainforest

I’ve been working with Jenny Collister, Cliff Comfort, and Cheryll Miller at Reef & Rainforest for years to help book dive trips to some of the more exotic places of the world.  Chances are, if an airport’s runway has cows and small children on it, you need someone like Reef & Rainforest to help with bookings!  (They also work with more traditional locations.)

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DEMA 2006: Fathoms Magazine Photo

DEMA 2006: Fathoms Magazine

Fathoms Magazine is probably the highest quality underwater photography magazine on the American market.  If you have any interest in underwater photography whatsoever, you should be a subscriber!  I managed to catch Chief Editor Ethan Gordon and Publisher David Fishman for a quick photo in between a day full of meetings.

Issue #18 contains digital photography tips by Berkley White, portfolios by Eric Cheng, Brian Skerry, and Ethan Gordon, an interview with Larry Smith, and articles by Tim Rock, Burt Jones & Maurine Shimlock, Diane Richards & Jason Bradley, David Donavel & Andy Martinez.

Fathoms has just re-launched its website at fathomsmagazine.com.

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DEMA 2006: Gates video tripod Photo

DEMA 2006: Gates video tripod

Covering the floor at DEMA, Drew Wong had the opportunity to check out the new Gates tripod, and he goes so far as to put it in the running for “best video product at DEMA.”

The tripod has extendable legs, and each leg has a full range of motion due to the use of Ultralight Control System ball joints and clamps, allowing a wide range of positions for stabilizing a video housing. Unfortunately, the tripod is currently only available for Gates housings.

Would you use the tripod if it could be adapted to your housing? Weigh in with your thoughts in the tripod discussion...

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Sea & Sea to announce YS-250PRO strobe Photo

Sea & Sea to announce YS-250PRO strobe

Sea & Sea is planning to announce a “new flagship strobe model for professionals,” the YS-250PRO.

The YS-250PRO features a guide number of 32, 105˚x 105˚ beam angle, 5600K color temperature, and a recycle time of just 1 second. TTL and a 12-step manual power control complement a model that will fire up to 300 flashes on an included Sea & Sea Ni-MH battery pack.

The strobe will also have a built-in LED target light, and can use either a Nikonos sync-cord or fiber optic cable. Look for the YS-250PRO around spring 2007.

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