How to choose a focus light Photo

How to choose a focus light

A focus light is a broad beam of light designed to help a photographer create a sharp image by adding contrast to a subject. However, a focus light can also help a photographer keep an eye on a small or camouflaged subject; it may serve as a primary source of illumination during a night dive; it might also serve as a prop during an underwater photo shoot.

On Backscatter, Brad Brown has written the mother of all focus light overviews, carefully covering what to look for if you’re in the market for a new focus light. Then, Brown puts 6 focus lights through the grinder, comparing their beam qualities, sizes, weights, battery lives, and painstakingly identifying their pros and cons.

If you thought your light was “good enough,” you’ll whistle a different tune after reading his report.

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X-Ray Magazine #13 is available for download Photo

X-Ray Magazine #13 is available for download

X-Ray Magazine is a fabulous dive magazine with an international focus. Profiling dive sites, gear, and dive news from around the globe, X-Ray is not only super-comprehensive, it’s free! The newest issue, Issue #13, is now available for download as a PDF. Within its 102 pages are:

  • Two fantastic, photo-filled travel essays—from Bernardo Sampras and Jason Heller—covering the Galapagos
  • An excellent, colorful guide to diving Vancouver Island
  • More information about drysuits than you ever thought could be in one place
  • Fall’s hottest dive fashion (did you know those two words could go together?)
  • News about people, sharks, turtles, bioprospecting and much, much more

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Reef, Wreck & Critter by Jeff and Dawn Mullins Photo

Reef, Wreck & Critter by Jeff and Dawn Mullins

Jeff and Dawn Mullins have published an excellent visual guide covering many of the dive sites around Tulamben, Bali. This visual guide, Reef, Wreck & Critter, is more than just a photo album, though. It also offers an intriguing narrative overview of the area’s marine life and reef system.

Want to get familiar with the magical diving Tulamben has to offer? Pick up a copy of this book.

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Eric Cheng speaks to Wildlife Photographers of Silicon Valley Photo

Eric Cheng speaks to Wildlife Photographers of Silicon Valley

On September 18th, Wetpixel owner Eric Cheng had the opportunity to speak to the Wildlife Photographers of Silicon Valley (WPSV) at their monthly dinner meeting. Eric discussed the role of software in photography and how to leverage it in one’s work, supplementing his talk with photographs of sharks, whales, and dolphins taken on some of his many trips.

Overheard comments after Eric Cheng’s presentation at the meeting included the following:

What an amazing opportunity…to be able to shoot big stuff and have a guide to show you where it is and when it’s coming…as in the Bahamas and Tonga images.
Eric is easy to just walk up and speak to about any subject…and it’s great to have a “go-to” person when you don’t have the answers yourself. He seems to grasp from where I’m coming, so I don’t have to spend a half-hour giving background on my capabilities.

The talk was well received by the nearly fifty people in attendance. If you’re in the area, be sure to check out the WPSV website for information about membership and to see a list of upcoming speakers.

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Nexus announces Fiber Optic Sync Ports and 45° Viewfinder Photo

Nexus announces Fiber Optic Sync Ports and 45° Viewfinder

Nexus has announced a new type of fiber optic sync port to allow for TTL functionality with their Nikon D80, D200, and Canon 5D housings (when used with compatible Sea & Sea or Inon strobes).

Additionally, Nexus Nikon D200, D2X, D80, Canon 5D, and 1DsMkII housings are now compatible with the new Inon 45-degree viewfinder.

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Dozens of new products announced at Photokina 2006 Photo

Dozens of new products announced at Photokina 2006

Photokina 2006 has unleashed dozens of new photography products.  Instead of attempting to cover everything here, I’d like to point you to DPReview’s excellent, live coverage of the event.

Specific products that will interest the underwater photography crowd include: Nikon N80, Canon 400D, Sigma SD14, and Fuji FinePix S5 Pro digital SLRs, Olympus Stylus 725 SW waterproof compact camera (and lots of new compact cameras), Canon media storage M80 and M30 units (competes with Epson P4000 and newly-announced P5000), 4GB SDHC cards and 12/16GB Compact Flash cards (even more bottom time before card swaps!), and much more.

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Help us host DiveFilm’s Podcasts Photo

Help us host DiveFilm’s Podcasts

Hello, Wetpixel readers!  Due to its popularity, DiveFilm is looking for help to host some of its video podcasts.  Each podcast is 12-40MB, and we are looking for donations of server space and bandwidth for archiving of older episodes.

DiveFilm is an independent production created by Mary Lynn Price.  For more information on how you can help, please .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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