NCUPS to host free seminar by Bryant Austin Photo

NCUPS to host free seminar by Bryant Austin

The Northern California Underwater Photographic Society (NCUPS) will be hosting a free seminar by Bryant Austin, creator of “Whales in Public Spaces,” on Friday, August 10th, starting at 8PM in Millbrae, CA. As the founder of the non-profit Marine Mammal Conservation through the Arts, Austin’s focus has been the exhibition of life-size photographs of whales, up to twelve feet high by ninety feet long.

Austin’s talk will focus on capturing the “personhood of the whale” or other underwater subject, and on his ongoing efforts to increase awareness on the decline of whale species around the world. Continue reading for the full press release and attendance information…

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North Sea Film Festival in the Netherlands Photo

North Sea Film Festival in the Netherlands

The Submarine Foundation is proud to announce the first Dutch festival dedicated specifically to underwater video, the North Sea Film Festival. Scheduled to be held at the Hague in the Netherlands from November 30 to December 2, 2007, the festival is currently accepting underwater-themed entries produced after 2005 in two categories of 60 minutes and 20 minutes maximum lengths.

Entry is free, and the deadline for submission is October 15. This is a great opportunity to showcase your work internationally - be sure to read the rules and registration details to submit your films.

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BSoUP’s International Focus On 07

The British Society of Underwater Photographers invites entries for its third International Focus On competition which is free and simple to enter and open to all underwater photographers. There is no theme although your single image must have been taken in an open water environment. Images that have finished first, second or third in previous national or international competitions will not be accepted.

Uniquely, the images in this competition will be judged by the votes of the entire audience of experienced underwater photographers at the Society’s meeting on 15th August. The winner will join Wetpixel’s Mike Veitch and Martyn Tomcik as winners of BSoUP’s International Focus On trophy.

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Nexus, Seacam, and Subal to support Canon EOS-1D Mark III Photo

Nexus, Seacam, and Subal to support Canon EOS-1D Mark III

Recent discussion in the Wetpixel forums have suggested that the new 10.1 megapixel and 10fps Canon EOS-1D Mark III digital SLR will soon be supported by underwater housings from Nexus, Seacam, and Subal. Stephen Frink, the US distributor for Seacam, is hopeful that such a housing might be ready for display at the industry diving trade show DEMA in early November. 

If the anticipated Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III maintains the same design, users of the housing would be able to easily transition between the two cameras, as is possible with the 1D/1Ds Mark II series.

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Norbert Wu talks about insuring camera gear Photo

Norbert Wu talks about insuring camera gear

Most serious underwater photographer hobbyists seem to purchase flood/loss insurance policies from DEPP or DAN, and it’s easy to forget that the insurance world is a huge one, with a vast number of policies to choose from.  Professional shooters sometimes need insurance policies that cater to their specific requirements, and one should also consider insurance policies other those offered by DEPP and DAN before making a decision on who to use.  Cameraman and friend Norbert Wu has posted an insightful article on insurance policies, which is a must-read for anyone interested in how a pro decided which policy to use.

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Underwater photographer Jim Watt passes away Photo

Underwater photographer Jim Watt passes away

Underwater photographer and dear friend Jim Watt passed away yesterday, July 19, 2007.  In addition to being an incredible underwater shooter, Jim was a wonderful mentor for many of us in the underwater photography community.

A public service will be held in Kona, Hawaii, on Sunday, July 22, 2007.  If you would like to contribute, Jim’s family would like to commemorate Jim by contributing in his name to the Kona Hospital Foundation at 79-1019 Haukapila Street, Kealekekua HI 96750, (808) 322-4587.

Please write to us with stories about Jim you’d like to share, or leave a comment here…

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SHARK-L writes letter of concern regarding Discovery’s Shark Week Photo

SHARK-L writes letter of concern regarding Discovery’s Shark Week

DivePhotoGuide.com has posted an open letter to the Discovery Network by SHARK-L, an international shark discussion list made up of “scientists, educators, media companies, and others,” that opposes the content of Shark Week programming. The letter specifically draws attention to the continued “mindless man-eater” image, despite recent evidence to the contrary, and the lack of information about the finning crisis and depletion of shark species. Add your name to the letter and encourage the network to support shark conservation efforts during next year’s Shark Week.

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Luiz Rocha travels to Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Photo

Luiz Rocha travels to Northwestern Hawaiian Islands

Wetpixel moderator Luiz Rocha is currently participating in a research expedition to the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands on the NOAA Ship Hi’ialakai. Over the past few days, he has been updating a travel journal discussion in the forums along each stop in the route, now including pictures of thousand-foot high island cliffs and groups of Galapagos sharks.

Luiz provides a unique look at an otherwise undisturbed ecosystem - the area is closed to the public and researchers are only granted access with specific permits. Follow his progress in the forum discussion or find the vessel’s location with the NOAA Ship Tracker.

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