School of fish brush for Photoshop Photo

School of fish brush for Photoshop

Mark Taylor has released a school of fish brush set for Adobe Photoshop. It’s available free for download, and is rights managed under Creative Commons.

Silhouettes are available for different kinds of fish, and you can paint in a school of fish in seconds. Very cool—that is, if you’re into underwater art and not documentary photography. :)

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Gura Gear Kiboko: new photo gear bag Photo

Gura Gear Kiboko: new photo gear bag

My good friend, Andy Biggs, has launched Gura Gear, a new line of photo gear bags designed to allow the outdoor / wildlife photographer to carry a lot of equipment—comfortably—without the bulk of a heavy bag. The Kiboko, the first bag in the line, weighs in at only 4 lbs.

Because it uses two narrow, zippered compartments, the Kiboko isn’t suited for carrying an entire underwater housing rig, but it is a great bag for carrying a ton of camera bodies, lenses, and accessories.

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DivePhotoGuide awarded Best Website at Antibes Photo

DivePhotoGuide awarded Best Website at Antibes

Popular underwater photography & video portal DivePhotoGuide has been presented with the best website award at the 35th Annual World Festival of Underwater Images, one of the most prestigious underwater photo & film festival in the world, held annually in Antibes, France.

Founder and Publisher Jason Heller said: “We are honored to receive this recognition from such a prestigious competition and I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our readers from around the world as well as our exceptional team…”

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DEMA 2008 coverage live from Las Vegas Photo

DEMA 2008 coverage live from Las Vegas

The Wetpixel team leaves tomorrow for DEMA 2008 Las Vegas! As we have done every year since 2000, we will be on the floor live, posting photos and commentary of everything related to underwater photography and videography at the show. If you have any requests, please leave a comment here on the website and we will try to accommodate your request. We’ll also be representing Wetpixel and Wetpixel Quarterly magazine at our booth in the Imaging Resource Center (booth #3049, shared with Magic Filters and UwP Magazine), so please come visit!

Use this entry as an index to all of our DEMA coverage this year; check back periodically for updates! We should be done with all of our coverage by Friday, October 31.

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DEMA 2008: i-Divesite Photo

DEMA 2008: i-Divesite

i-Divesite offers a range of accessories for underwater photographers, including Titan, a new set of strobe arms and clamps made of 100% titanium. Kelvin Lee told me that the arms resist rusting and are much stronger than standard aluminum arm systems, though pricing and weight may crimp that advantage.

Also new for this year was the i-Torch, a 3-LED focus light with a choice between “warm” color temperature or “bright white,” running on 4AA batteries and with a burn time of 1.5 hours…

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DEMA 2008: Epoque World Co Photo

DEMA 2008: Epoque World Co

Epoque World Co. had a selection of interesting housings and accessories on display, including the ERX-C1010 for the Canon Rebel XS/EOS 1000 10.1MP digital SLR. The housing allows for the internal flash to be deployed and used for TTL control over fiber-optic cable (compatible with Epoque’s EUS-C430 flash housing for the Canon 430/430 II).

Rated to 150 feet, the housing is also fitted with an S6 bulkhead for eTTL2 compatibility, and can be paired with three different flat ports or either of the Athena 170mm or 200mm dome ports…

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DEMA 2008: Xit 404 Photo

DEMA 2008: Xit 404

Xit 404 is a new entrant to the underwater photography market, owned by frequenct Wetpixel shootout participants and forum members Mike and Jody Elliott.

Recognizing the recent surge in interest for macro and super-macro photographer, Xit 404 offers inexpensive focus gears for the Canon 100mm and Nikon 105mm macro lenses that can extend to allow for use with the 1.4x and 2x teleconverters. The gears are compatible with Subal and Aquatica housings…

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DEMA 2008: Liquid Image Co Photo

DEMA 2008: Liquid Image Co

In early 2008, Liquid Image Co introduced the Explorer Series underwater camera mask rated to 5 meters for snorkelers, complete with a 3.1MP or 5MP camera built-in above the eye glass.

With Lithium-ion batteries, the mask can hold up to a 4gb microSD card for two hours of video or a few thousand 5MP photos, and come complete with a LCD status display to indicate number of remaining shots, remaining video record time, or memory full, as well an audio alert…

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