Ikelite Nikon D200 Housing Review Photo

Ikelite Nikon D200 Housing Review

Wetpixel member Jon Bertsch has posted a review of the Ikelite underwater housing for the Nikon D200 digital SLR, based on one of the first production housings.  There is an active discussion going on in the forums about the housing, and some very nice sample images.  Kudos to Ikelite for producing a housing so fast, and thanks to Jon Bertsch for the nice review.

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Mike Veitch on Shark Photography Photo

Mike Veitch on Shark Photography

Underwater photographers dream of creating powerful shark images.  But doing so is no easy task.  Contrary to what the media would have us believe, sharks are not ever-present predators lurking beneath the surface waiting to catch unsuspecting humans.  As experienced divers know, not only is it difficult to get close to sharks, many divers go for years without seeing one at all. 

If you are lucky enough to encounter sharks on your next diving adventure, here are some tips to help you capture stunning images.

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KDietz.com @ Intl Photo Hall of Fame Photo

KDietz.com @ Intl Photo Hall of Fame

Karl and Kimberly Dietz currently have an exhibition at the International Photography Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Check it out, if you’re in the area!  Karl writes:

As a result of our website, www.kdietz.com, Kimberly and I have been invited to display 30 of our best images in a solo exhibit featuring underwater photography in the International Photography Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. IPHF is a well respected organization in this region that promotes awareness and education of the history of photography. Their past exhibits have included notable photographers, so we consider it an honor to be asked to display.

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Our World Underwater 2006 - Photos Photo

Our World Underwater 2006 - Photos

Terry Schuller, from Ultralight Control Systems (a Wetpixel sponsor),  was kind enough to send us some photos and information from last weekend’s Our-world Underwater Show in Chicago.  Of special interest was the debut of the Ikelite DS200 substrobe and 8” dome port for fisheye and wide-angle zoom lenses.  All of the usual suspects were on hand to display their products and provide information on new products.  Continue reading to see the photos and captions.

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Aquatica 5D Housing: First Impressions Photo

Aquatica 5D Housing: First Impressions

After Canon released its 5D, the least-expensive full-frame sensor DSLR, I was immediately intrigued.  I had seen the performance of other full-frame cameras while working on the Shear Water, and had been highly jealous of the Nikon users who had a 180 degree fisheye available for their cropped-sensor cameras. The unfortunate loss of some of my camera equipment (Canon 20D) put me in a position to upgrade, so I purchased a new 5D…

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Sport Diver’s Kona Classic 5 Photo

Sport Diver’s Kona Classic 5

Join Sport Diver’s editor Ty Sawyer, the PADI Diving Society and some of the world’s most famous underwater photographers for the Kona Classic.

As much an inspiring celebration of being a diver as photography competition, the week-long Kona Classic is unique because it celebrates the diving lifestyle and community. This renowned event gives underwater photographers and videographers opportunities to dive, shoot and learn with image-makers such as Eric Cheng, David Fleetham, Marty Snyderman and more.  Great prizes will be given away, and the winning images will be published in Sport Diver magazine…

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