Liveaboard auction to aid Oxfam disaster relief for Asia/Pacific area Photo

Liveaboard auction to aid Oxfam disaster relief for Asia/Pacific area

Millions have been affected by floods, quakes and tsunamis around Asia and the Pacific region recently. Drew Wong has offered a spot on his private trip on the 7 seas going around the Banda Sea from Oct 15-31, for auction to the highest bidder. The starting bid is US$5575 and bidding ends Oct 6th US/Pacific time.

If you’ve been planning to go on an Indonesian liveaboard, take this opportunity to help millions while enjoying your own holiday. Please read the thread for more details

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Underwater video workshop in Palau, Apr 5-11, 2010 Photo

Underwater video workshop in Palau, Apr 5-11, 2010

Nick Martorano, the resident video pro at Sam’s Tours in Palau, is an award-winning cameraman, filmmaker and digital media producer whose credits include National Geographic, “Survivor”, GEO, and others. This workshop features an action packed week full of diving and instruction for five lucky divers.  Nick is keeping the ratio small to provide top notch, hands on instruction and interaction.  This course is being offered for beginner and intermediate students with a lot of time being spent in the water.

Palau, one of the best diving destinations in the world, offers a huge array of underwater subjects, including sharks, mantas, barracudas, jacks, turtles, napoleon wrasses, and even the elusive mandarin fish.  Join Nick and Sam’s Tours for this awesome experience.  Sign up now to be one of the lucky five!

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British Wildlife Photography Awards 2009 Photo

British Wildlife Photography Awards 2009

The British Wildlife Photography Awards is a competition aimed at showcasing wildlife from the British Isles. Underwater photography has never been a fore running favourite in these competitions but in recent years we have seen quite a few Wetpixel members break through these ranks. Most recently Alex Mustard, who admits has only recently started trying out his underwater photography in his local waters of the UK, was named winner of the “Coast and Marine” category. Feel free to see the discussion in our forums about his images [click here] or go on over to the BWPA website and see the rest of the winners.

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Novel stand for heavy underwater video housings Photo

Novel stand for heavy underwater video housings

I went over to see award-winning filmmakers Howard and Michele Hall tonight and managed to shoot a quick video clip of Howard showing off a rotating stand for his RED ONE camera housed in a Gates underwater housing. Anyone who has tried to maintain a heavy underwater video housing on a workbench will appreciate the ingenuity of Howard’s solution. Continue reading for video…

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Dec 2009 ReefNet Expedition: Ambon/Raja Ampat with Keri Wilk Photo

Dec 2009 ReefNet Expedition: Ambon/Raja Ampat with Keri Wilk

ReefNet and New World Publications (Humann/DeLoach) are collaborating on the production of digital field guides for marine life in various regions of the world. Having already well documented the flora and fauna of the Caribbean, ReefNet has now shifted its focus to the Indo-Pacific.

To gather new content, ReefNet is launching a series of documentation expeditions open to the public (all previous expeditions have been limited to ReefNet staff). Not only will participants get to enjoy the beauty of Ambon and Raja Ampat, they will also have the opportunity to contribute photos/videos to upcoming field guides.

If you want a surefire way to get your images published, Wetpixelers, here’s your chance…

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Alex Mustard reviews MarineLife Keywords in UwP 50 Photo

Alex Mustard reviews MarineLife Keywords in UwP 50

Underwater Photography Magazine (UwP), a free PDF magazine, has published a review of MarineLife Keywords written by marine biologist and award-winning photographer Alexander Mustard. The review can be found in their 50th issue, which is available as a free download from their website. Alex says:

The list includes the genus and species of 12,000 species, including over 4,000 fish, 4,000 invertebrates, and all known marine turtles, rays, skates, marine reptiles, and marine mammals… The first thing I did was to try to find any absentees. It is not easy. The coverage is fantastic…

... keywording is an essential part of workflow for anyone who supplies their images to photo stock libraries. MLKL was built for these tasks and having tasted it I could never give it up.

It is often said that time is money. I can’t think of many other products, designed for underwater photographers, which will save you as much time for so little money. A highly recommended purchase.

Alex likes it! :)

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Episode 33 of DiveFilm HD Photo

Episode 33 of DiveFilm HD

New DiveFilm HD podcast episode 33 just released features more great Canon 5D footage—this time in a wonderful new short film by Christian Fries called “Aquarium” filmed in West Sweden.  This is no ordinary trip to the aquarium! 
Rick Morris’s “What’s Down There,” a short film on the marine census, is HD podcast episode 32.  This film is an official selection at this year’s upcoming San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition. and includes some really small critters.
DiveFilm HD Podcasts are produced in association with Wetpixel.
Please check out the new episodes at iTunes and help keep these HD podcasts featured!

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Underwater Australasia photo competition 2008-2009 winners Photo

Underwater Australasia photo competition 2008-2009 winners

Underwater Australasia has announced the winners of the 5th anual Underwater Photo Competition. The first prize, a two week trip to Yap and Palau, was awarded to David Henshaw for his amazing shot of a blue ribbon eel. In the novice category the first place went to Andrew McLeod with a photo of a jellyfish and crab.

Judges this year included author and Wetpixel member Mathieu Meur, Richard Vevers from the Underwater Australia Gallery as well as members from the Underwater.com.au team. They were unanimous in their decision of the winning image underlining the uniqueness of David’s shot. View all this years winners at Underwater Australasia.

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