2009 Our World Underwater Winners announced Photo

2009 Our World Underwater Winners announced

The winners of the 4th Annual Wetpixel & DivePhotoGuide International Underwater Photo & Video Competition were announced during the Saturday night film festival at Our World Underwater in Chicago. Jason Heller from DivePhotoGuide presented the winning images and videos to an enthusiastic crowd, and they are on display all weekend at the show.

Congratulations to Justin Gilligan of Australia for his Best of Show split-shot photograph of a Portuguese Man O’ War. Category winners in this year’s competition represented over twenty countries!

Winning images and videos are being posted at the competition’s official website, UnderwaterCompetition.com. A special thanks to the generous sponsors, without which these competitions would not be possible. Good luck next year!

Continue reading for the film festival videos (featuring the winners) presented at OWU last weekend.

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Support legislation to protect manta rays in Hawaiian waters Photo

Support legislation to protect manta rays in Hawaiian waters

Hawaii is one of few locations in the world where manta rays can be observed regularly in the wild, however, there is currently no protection for these manta rays in state waters. Manta rays around the world are being killed for usage in traditional Asian medicines, while studies in Hawaii have shown that the populations have limited migration between islands and extremely low reproductive rates. Only 154 individuals have been identified in Kona since 1992, and the species is extremely susceptible to overfishing.

Two bills, HB366 and SB394, have been introduced in the Hawaii State House and Senate this year to prohibit the capture or killing of manta rays. Both must survive numerous committee hearings before they can be passed into law, and Hawaii’s manta lovers are begging anyone who cares about these beautiful animals to submit testimony in support of HB366 and SB394 to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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Sea & Sea announces new housings MDX-D700 & MDX-5D MKII Photo

Sea & Sea announces new housings MDX-D700 & MDX-5D MKII

Sea & Sea has announced two new housings to its lineup. The MDX-5D MKII will house the revolutionary Canon 5D Mark II dSLR, which not only weighs in with 21mp but also shoots HD video, while the other housing is the MDX-D700 which, in case you couldn’t guess, is for the Nikon D700. Both housings appear to be in the style and build quality we have become used to from Sea & Sea.

The D700 is being hailed as a great camera for Nikon and we already have examples of its underwater work, even though people aren’t sure if it is worth the upgrade. We are expecting to see this housing, featuring a 200ft/60m rating, two fiber-optic bulkheads, a YS-converter bulkhead and 5-pin Nikonos bulkhead, around the first week of March. Continue reading for photos of the new housing style…

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Please welcome our new moderators! Photo

Please welcome our new moderators!

As the Wetpixel community grows, more and more talented and generous photographers are stepping up to lead discussions in the community forum about underwater photography and videography. Please join us in welcoming Darren Jew (photovan), Ryan Pedlow (aussie), Giles Shaxted (Giles), and Ellen Quale (ornate_wrasse) into the moderating team here at Wetpixel.com! The full list of moderators is available on our about page.

Continue reading for moderator biographies.

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Follow Wetpixel on Twitter Photo

Follow Wetpixel on Twitter

Wetpixel is going to start using its Twitter feed more and more in the coming months, and we’d love to have you follow us! Initially, the feed will announce new front page articles, plus interesting links discovered by both me and long-time member Giles Shaxted. Twitter is often the fastest way for us to share the things we’re browsing.

Eventually, we’ll have a rolling list of Wetpixel’s tweets somewhere on the front page, but for now, you’ll have to follow us if you’re interested! (and if you’re interested in becoming a contributor, let us know via the discussion forums)

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Aquatica underwater housings for Canon 5D Mark II and Nikon D90 Photo

Aquatica underwater housings for Canon 5D Mark II and Nikon D90

Wetpixel friend Aquatica has announced the production of housings for the Canon 5D Mark II and Nikon D90 digital SLRs. Both cameras are capable of HD video, and the design of these housings specifically addressed ergonomic button positioning to allow for activation and control of all shooting modes. While each housing features knurled and grooved knobs for better control while wearing gloves, the Aquatica 5D Mark II housings adds a hydrophone for audio pickup underwater.

As with other recent Aquatica releases, the aluminum housings are compatible with the Aqua View accessory viewfinder, offer convenient port lock and lens release buttons, and are rated to a minimum of 300ft/90m. Continue reading for both press releases, and to view images of these new housings…

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Magic Filters releases new DVD, “Shooting Magic” Photo

Magic Filters releases new DVD, “Shooting Magic”

Our good friends over at Magic Filters have officially released their new instructional DVD, “Shooting Magic” (available immediately). The DVD was filmed and produced by Peter Rowlands and follows underwater photographer Alex Mustard over 6 dives in the Red Sea, 3 shooting with his DSLR and 3 with his compact camera. Alex demonstrates and describes the techniques he is using and the considerations, both technical and artistic,  that go into producing stunning available light photographs with Magic filters.

Mustard writes, “The DVD covers white balancing, subject selection, approach, exposure, composition, why you need a filter, etc. An important feature is that after each dive, we do a review of the shots and discuss in detail why some have worked and others have not. It gives you an idea of what you can expect to achieve in similar conditions. You will see all the shots, both good and bad, unadjusted straight from the camera…”

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Last call for BSoUP / DIVER Annual Print Competition entries Photo

Last call for BSoUP / DIVER Annual Print Competition entries

The British Society of Underwater Photographers (BSoUP) has issued a last call for entries for their annual underwater photography print competition, in association with Diver Magazine and the London Aquarium.

With categories for photos from both UK and overseas waters, the competition will take place at the London International Dive Show on March 28-29, 2009 where prints will be displayed for judging. The deadline for entry is February 23, 2009 - submit your prints quickly!

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