Wetpixel members sweep Fotosub Gran Canaria Photo

Wetpixel members sweep Fotosub Gran Canaria

Congratulations to Wetpixel members David Barrio, Carlos Villoch and Carlos Suarez for finishing 1st, 2nd & 3rd in the 5th Fotosub Gran Canaria (2009), Costa Mogan, Spain, dividing the 6000 Euro cash prize fund between them. Fotosubs are underwater photography competitions, where photographers dive the same dive sites at the same and must submit images as unadjusted jpegs, directly from the camera.

The Costa Mogan event is an invitational, the organisers inviting and paying for leading photographers and their models to compete. Wetpixel’s Alex Mustard was one of the judges for the competition and posted live updates from the event on the Wetpixel forums, where you can also see the winning portfolios.

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NYUPS presentation by Emory Kristof Photo

NYUPS presentation by Emory Kristof

NYUPS (New York Underwater Photography Society) is proud to present “20,000 Bytes Under The Sea”, a special presentation by legendary National Geographic photographer and IMAX filmmaker, Emory Kristof, who will recount the challenges and solutions encountered in bringing back striking images from miles down in the world’s oceans.

The presentation will take place Bleecker Street Theater, 45 Bleecker St New York, on 30th October. Admission is complimentary, but seating is limited. You must RSVP to attend.

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2010 Our World Underwater & DEEP Indonesia competitions Photo

2010 Our World Underwater & DEEP Indonesia competitions

Underwater photographers of all levels, from novice to professionals, are invited to compete in what has become the “Superbowl” of international underwater imagery events, with over $80,000 of world-class prizes and the opportunity to have their images showcased to the world as some of the very best.

The unique competition series was founded by professional underwater photographers Jason Heller & Eric Cheng and hosted by popular websites DivePhotoGuide.com and Wetpixel.com. Deadline for submissions Jan 15, 2010.

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Ocean Optics open underwater photography stage Photo

Ocean Optics open underwater photography stage

British underwater photography retailer, Ocean Optics, has opened a unique underwater photography stage at their retail shop in Essex, east of London, UK. The stage has been specifically designed for teaching, training and testing kit and is designed to replicate realistic coral reef, with subjects including corals, sponges, jellyfish, a wreck and even a hammerhead shark built by a props company from the movie industry.

A two hour session on the set, including tank and weights costs £45 GBP per person.

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Tony Wu catalogs humpback whale calves in Tonga Photo

Tony Wu catalogs humpback whale calves in Tonga

Photographer Tony Wu spends more than a month each year photographing humpback whales in the calving grounds near Vava’u, Tonga. For the past two years, he and his network of local friends have been cataloging humpback calves in August and September. This year, they have photographic IDs of 26 calves (compared with 14 in 2008), as well as 25 additional sightings where they were unable to identify the calf in question.

Tony’s results are available as a PDF download. If you’d like to help in this year’s calf survey, please contact Tony directly.

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A Conversation With… a new series of articles Photo

A Conversation With… a new series of articles

Welcome to a new series of conversation based articles focused on the techniques underwater photography by Wetpixel’s associate editor Alex Mustard. Alex said, “I realised how fortunate I am to meet so many photographers on my travels, and how the conversations we share continue to help my photography improve. My aim in this series of articles is to spread this knowledge around. I hope to do one every month or two and publish them on Wetpixel and Underwater Photography Magazine. I hope you enjoy them.

The series kicks off with A Conversation with Todd Mintz and Rand McMeins, photographers with an enviable track record in photography competitions chatting about the secrets of their success.

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Nicholas Samaras wins 2010 Raja Ampat Tag Design Contest Photo

Nicholas Samaras wins 2010 Raja Ampat Tag Design Contest

Wetpixel is proud to announce Nicholas Samaras as the winner of the 2010 Raja Ampat Entrance Tag Design Contest. Nicholas’ breathtaking tag design features a stylized illustration of a manta ray.

Nicholas explains, “The concept of this tag emanated from Indonesian Culture designs. Inspiration came from the geometric and circular designs in body and face traditional Indonesian tattoos. The font is also based in the traditional Indonesian hand, writing-adjusted in ‘Latin’ characters.” He selected the manta ray as a subject because it is “so full of grace and beauty that it could be a ‘pattern of behaviour’ for visitors in Raja Ampat protected area.”

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Liveaboard auction to aid Oxfam disaster relief for Asia/Pacific area Photo

Liveaboard auction to aid Oxfam disaster relief for Asia/Pacific area

Millions have been affected by floods, quakes and tsunamis around Asia and the Pacific region recently. Drew Wong has offered a spot on his private trip on the 7 seas going around the Banda Sea from Oct 15-31, for auction to the highest bidder. The starting bid is US$5575 and bidding ends Oct 6th US/Pacific time.

If you’ve been planning to go on an Indonesian liveaboard, take this opportunity to help millions while enjoying your own holiday. Please read the thread for more details

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