Slave TTL for Digicams

A technical discussion of Slave TTL options for digicams, comparing the INON D2000 'STTL' strobe with Matthias Heinrichs' Digital Adapter 2 combined with an INON Z220 strobe. Also included are sample photographs.

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Nikon 18mm Nikkor used on Canon 1Ds Mk II Photo

Nikon 18mm Nikkor used on Canon 1Ds Mk II

"The Nikkor 18mm lens is one of the more popular housed wide angles to ever be used underwater. Now, with the ever-expanding popularity of Canon cameras, there is nostalgia for that one particular lens, especially since Canon doesn't offer an 18mm prime. However, there is a way to use the 18mm lens on the Canon..."

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Fantasea Line FD-70 Waterproof Housing Photo

Fantasea Line FD-70 Waterproof Housing

Fantasea has announced their affordable FD-70 housing for the Nikon D70 digital SLR. The suggested retail price of the FD-70 is $999 USD, which includes a standard port for a 18-70 mm zoom lens (we're not sure whether it is a flat port or a dome port) and pre-paid flood insurance policy from D.E.P.P. for one year.

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New Article Posted - My Experiences Switching from the Nikon to the Canon System - Part 1

In November 2004, I decided to switch camera systems from Nikon to Canon. Over the last few months, I have been selling and buying cameras, lenses, and underwater housings. Now that my switch-over is complete, I thought I would share my thoughts and experiences in case other photographers are considering doing the same thing I've done. In this article, I'll cover the

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