BOOT 2007 Expo Report by Simon Klaiber Photo

BOOT 2007 Expo Report by Simon Klaiber

Simon Klaiber (Simon K.) is another Wetpixel member who visited the 2007 BOOT diving show in Düsseldorf, Germany. Simon summarized each of the new products he encountered, took a number of photos at the event, and made sure to question each company’s plans for additional viewfinders. Offerings included 3D-video for the masses:

The main attraction at [the Gun-Lux] booth was a stereovideo housing for 3D Movies like they show in IMAX Cinemas. It consists of a housing with two Sony HD cameras and a synchronized control electronic. The video can be shown on special stereoscopic LCDs (they had two of them at their booth) or in a special theater with a setup with two beamers.

Continue for Simon’s full report… 

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Aquatica announces 9.25 inch glass Megadome Photo

Aquatica announces 9.25 inch glass Megadome

Aquatica has announced a new contender in the world of housing ports, the 9.25 inch glass Megadome, to be available in spring 2007 and to retail around USD$1250.

The dome comes standard with both anti-reflection and scratch resistant coatings, and Aquatica predicts that this port will be especially popular for over/under enthuasiasts.

Wetpixel member Peter Mooney (pmooney) started a discussion about the new Megadome, and attached Aquatica’s press release. Join in with your thoughts on whether bigger is better…

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Purchase L&M Bluefin HC3, receive free super-wide angle lens Photo

Purchase L&M Bluefin HC3, receive free super-wide angle lens

For a limited time, all buyers of the Light & Motion Bluefin HC3 for the Sony HC3 HD camcorder will receive the Bluefin Super-Wide angle lens when using the promotional code HC3wa. While the offer is scheduled to run through February 28, 2007, it’s anticipated that supplies will run out soon before then, so be sure to get your order in early if you were thinking about this housing.

Continue reading to see all the details in the press release. Thanks to Marine Visions for alerting us to this promotion.

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DiveFilm launches new HD video podcast website Photo

DiveFilm launches new HD video podcast website

The very popular DiveFilm Podcast Video, after reaching such acclaim as “Featured Video Podcast” on iTunes, is now releasing certain episodes in ‘high definition’ both as web video downloads and as a podcast through iTunes.

Episode 38, “Humpback Whales of Roca Partida” by Eric Hanauer and Karen Straus, is the first DiveFilm video to be available both as a podcast and as a HD video web download. Viewers can access the iPod-version of this film through iTunes, or download a HD version to watch on their TV or computer monitor from DiveFilm’s new website, DiveFilmHD.com.

If you missed it, Episode 37 “Shark Fin Frontier,” by Wetpixel conservation moderator Shawn Heinrichs, strikingly portrays the destruction of sharks and their populations, and includes scenes recorded when Shawn and his diving group stumbled across poachers who had just recently completed finning sharks seen dead below their boat. DiveFilm Podcast Video is produced in association with Wetpixel.com.

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Join Norbert Wu and Eric Cheng in Alaska, June 2007 Photo

Join Norbert Wu and Eric Cheng in Alaska, June 2007

Join Norb and Eric aboard the Nautilus Explorer this coming June 24 - July 6 for 12 days of exploring the best of southeast Alaska and the Queen Charlotte Islands. 

Norb says, “If you are looking for the bargain dive trip of the century or an intense photo seminar-type trip, you should probably book a trip with someone who specializes in photo workshops.”  Bargain trip of the century!  Who can argue with that.

Also, there’s a good chance you’ll get to see Eric flood his new drysuit as he tries to figure out how to dive in cold water.  Continue reading for details…

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Doug and Lorenza Sloss release Underwater Photoworkshop DVD Photo

Doug and Lorenza Sloss release Underwater Photoworkshop DVD

Proclaimed by Wetpixel underwater video moderator Mike Veitch as “an excellent collection of informative tutorials”, the Underwater Photoworkshop instructional DVD has been released by Wetpixel members Doug and Lorenza Sloss.

Oriented towards the underwater photographer, but with tips on RAW conversion and output that can be applied to all photography, Underwater Photoworkshop features over seven hours of video instruction on editing techniques, and can be played in a computer DVD drive.

Continue reading for the full press release and more information on what’s covered in the instructional DVD…

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Copenhagen Dive Show 2007 Video Photo

Copenhagen Dive Show 2007 Video

Wetpixel user skawdiver has posted a nice, 3-minute video summary of the Copenhagen Dive Show 2007, which features (among others) Alex Mustard on stage.  The video gave me a good sense of what the show was like, despite the fact that I don’t understand Danish.

If there is enough demand, skawdiver might be able to be convinced to post Alex’s entire speech (which is, thankfully, a version of English that I understand). :)

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Wetpixel and Divester readers receive adoption papers for Cut-Tail Photo

Wetpixel and Divester readers receive adoption papers for Cut-Tail

We previously reported that Wetpixel and Divester readers, with the proceeds of the t-shirt purchases, had adopted Cut-Tail, a 16-foot great white shark. The Shark Trust recently sent us Cut-Tail’s adoption papers, making all of us official ‘parents’ of this distinctive ocean inhabitant.

If anyone has the harrowing experience of encountering Cut-Tail (or any other great white shark) underwater at the Farallon Islands in California, be sure to let us know…

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