Magic Filter Review Photo

Magic Filter Review

When Alex Mustard first announced the Magic Filter I was pretty excited as I was in the market for a red filter for my newly purchased 10.5mm wide angle lens.  I was interested in a red filter because I wanted to experiment with the manual White Balance option that a digital SLR offers.  As a full time underwater image maker, a lot of my work involves video and in the realm of underwater video, the red filter is king.  When shooting video without lights and manually white balancing off a slightly off white slate, rich saturated colour can be captured from further away than what can be obtained using strobes on a still camera.

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Scubadru’s Open Letter to the TSA

Have you found items missing from your checked luggage after a US flight? Anyone who’s traveled with expensive equipment can relate to the problems, especially frequent travelers. With the arrest of TSA inspectors and officers for theft and the losses incurred by travelers, it is time for US travelers to take action against the disorganized and ineffective TSA. TSA funding is allocated by federal lawmakers , i.e . congressional and senate control.  If US citizens make it known of their displeasure and the inefficiencies of TSA, perhaps we will garner the change necessary to make our airport and airline security safer yet more traveler friendly.

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Sea and Sea YS110 Strobe Photo

Sea and Sea YS110 Strobe

Sea and Sea has announced the release of their new strobe, with new features designed to address some of the drawbacks noted by Wetpixel users for previous models.  The strobe is more powerful and features a wider light pattern, due to the use of 3 flash tubes.

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Sea and Sea Housing for Canon 350D Photo

Sea and Sea Housing for Canon 350D

Designed for the 8 mega pixel Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT, the DX-350D housing melds sophisticated digital control with uncomplicated operation.  Add to this hydrodynamic handling and the DX-350D puts the powers of advanced digital imaging into the hands of underwater photographs of all skill levels.

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Sea and Sea Housing for Nikon D50 Photo

Sea and Sea Housing for Nikon D50

We’ve received a press release from Sea and Sea about their new housing for the Nikon D50.  The DX-D50 housing is equipped with two N-connectors for strobes.  The housing is also compatible with a full range of Sea&Sea NX ports for a variety of Nikkor lenses.

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Watershot Digital Announces Canon 350d and Speedlite 580EX Housings Photo

Watershot Digital Announces Canon 350d and Speedlite 580EX Housings

We received a pre-DEMA press release from Watershot Digital announcing two new products.  The 350D housing will be machined from aluminum in a compact ergonomic design, has full control access and an optional 45 degree angled 1.2x magnification action finder.  The Speedlite 580EX housing will be injected molded polycarbonate with full control access, dome type flash port and integral laser pointer.  Check their new website for full details.

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