Home-brew underwater ring flash Photo

Home-brew underwater ring flash

Wetpixel user Marjo has created a home-made ringflash using see-through plastic kitchenware, a reflective car window solar protector, and one large roll of duct tape.

I think the contraption did end up looking more like a gas mask than a ringflash, so I am sure it will come to some strange adn wonderful use even if it might fail in it original purpose.

Perhaps the refective intertior could serve as a barracuda attractant. Well see, but if I use it for actually photographing fish, I will surely post the images here.

We look forward to the underwater images! In the meantime, click through to see photos of the project.

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The 2009 Digital Shootout Winners Photo

The 2009 Digital Shootout Winners

In addition to the standard categories of Macro and Wide-Angle, a Compact Camera category was also added.  Many talented shooters submitted stunning images for consideration for the top prize.  To see the top place finishers for Compact, Macro Unrestricted, Macro Traditional, Wide-Angle Unrestricted & Wide-Angle Traditional as well as full coverage of the final day of the 2009 Digital Shootout, go to: www.thedigitalshootout.com

Check out the complete live coverage of the event:
[DAY 1] | [DAY 2] |  [DAY 3] |  [DAY 4]  |  [DAY 5]  |  [DAY 6]  |  [DAY 7]

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Reminder: Sensational Seas Two DVD contest 3 days away Photo

Reminder: Sensational Seas Two DVD contest 3 days away

In March of 2009, we announced New World Publications’ call for entries for its upcoming DVD, Sensational Seas Two. Scheduled for release in March 2010, the DVD is another exciting collaboration between filmmakers, photographers and multi-media artists who have donated their work for the benefit of ocean-related non-profit organizations.

Wetpixel has a video slot reserved for the DVD, which means that our readers have two ways of competing for entry into Sensational Seas Two! Enter our free contest to be the Wetpixel feature in the DVD. The deadline for entry is June 15, 2009. Good luck! Continue reading for full contest details…

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MarineLife Keyword List for Lightroom and Aperture Photo

MarineLife Keyword List for Lightroom and Aperture

Renowned underwater photographer and educator Marty Snyderman, Dive Training’s Contributing Editor Barry Guimbellot and Wetpixel’s Eric Cheng have teamed up to create an importable keyword list designed for underwater photographers using Adobe Lightroom or Apple Aperture. The MarineLife Keyword List features keywords for over 12,000 species of marine wildlife, including common names, scientific names, and full taxonomy.

I’ve been using the list for some time, and it’s cut my keywording time down at least 90%. It is not meant to replace critter ID books; rather it is meant to work alongside identification guides. Once I’ve found the common name and scientific name of a critter I’m trying to keyword, I just search for it in the keyword list, and it pops up, complete with complete taxonomy. Then, I simply drag it over to my image, and keywording is done. Check out MarineLife Keyword List—you’ll know if it’s for you.

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Nature’s Most Amazing Events DVD/Blu-Ray now available Photo

Nature’s Most Amazing Events DVD/Blu-Ray now available

In early April, Drew Wong wrote about a new BBC series called Nature’s Great Events. Some Wetpixel members saw the film team out in South Africa covering the annual sardine migration.

The BBC series, Nature’s Great Events, was shot over 2-3 years and covers the annual sardine migration in South Africa, the herring run and the Narwhals migration on the North American continent. These are just the ocean related episodes. In the entire series, there were some awesome underwater shots of Grizzly Bears, baitballs with predators and scenic icescapes. The aerial shots were from the Cineflex camera system which gives awesome perspective of natural behavior.

The series has finally been released for the American audience on DVD and Blu-Ray. For $21.99 for the DVD version and $23.99 for Blu-Ray, this is an easy purchase! To support Wetpixel, buy at Amazon using the following links: [Nature’s Most Amazing Events] [Nature’s Most Amazing Events [Blu-ray]]

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Espen Rekdal World Champion 2009 Photo

Espen Rekdal World Champion 2009

Congratulations to Wetpixel member Espen Rekdal of Norway for winning the 12th Underwater Photography World Championship, organised by CMAS, which this year took place in Jeju Island, Korea between 31st May and 5th June. Second place went to former Champion Carlos Minguell of Spain and third place to Eok Soo Kim of South Korea. The winning images should be online soon.

The CMAS World Championship is held biannually in different locations around the world. Each country can send two photographers plus dedicated models and a team manager. This is the second time the competition has been entirely digital. Join the discussion of the World Championship on Wetpixel.

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Digital workflow seminars by Jason Bradley and Bill Stotzner Photo

Digital workflow seminars by Jason Bradley and Bill Stotzner

Professional underwater photographer Jason Bradley and Adobe’s Bill Stotzner will be conducting two digital workflow seminars for underwater photographers while diving the lush California Channel Islands on the Truth Aquatics Vision and Conception boats from August 23-27, 2009 and September 13-15, 2009.

Topics include image library management and optimization, color correction techniques, keywording, and usage tips for Photoshop and Lightroom. The class promises personalized instruction and a great chance to learn the art of refining your images while diving in the globally-renowned kelp forests. For more information, read all the seminar details...

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