Aquatica’s housings for Sony HDR XR550V/CX550 & Pro HXR-MC50 HD Photo

Aquatica’s housings for Sony HDR XR550V/CX550 & Pro HXR-MC50 HD

Aquatica has announced another new housing in their HD Wave series for the popular Sony HDR XR550V/CX550 and Pro HXR-MC50 HD cameras. This all aluminum housing features mechanical controls for all key camera functions, and a new 30 degree angled 3.5” viewfinder. It also has a touch screen control for all menu access, including the manual white balance function.  The 6.5lbs(3kg) housing has a wide angle port with macro capabilities, giving a multi-purpose performance lens with about 90˚ FOV and full zoom through, right up to 15” from the subject. A dedicated macro flat port is also available as an extra.

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San Diego undersea film exhibition-details and call for entries Photo

San Diego undersea film exhibition-details and call for entries

The 11th annual San Diego undersea film exhibition, will be held at the Irwin M. Jacobs Qualcomm hall’s big screen auditorium in San Diego on Friday and Saturday evenings, September 17 and 18th July 2010. Utilizing a state of the art digital projection system, it will be an exciting showcase of digital videos, most of them in high definition, by some of the finest underwater filmmakers from around the world.

Each evening will start at 7.00pm, and feature up to sixteen digital films. Presentations are limited to a fast paced five minutes. This exhibition is unique in that there are no entry fees and no prizes, except for the prestige and kudos of having a film selected and shown. An independent panel of judges will select the films to be shown.

Undersea film exhibition is a nonprofit organization. A portion of the proceeds for the evenings will be given to local ocean-related environmental groups.

Please read on for further details

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Preview of lens correction solution for Lightroom 3 Photo

Preview of lens correction solution for Lightroom 3

Tom Hogarty of Adobe has published a preview of the lens correction technology that will be included in the forthcoming Lightroom 3 and the Camera Raw 6 plug-in.This is a development of Adobe’s non-destructive editing technology and is designed to address lens correction via two methods: Lens Profiles and Manual Correction. It will encompass geometric distortion(barrel and pincushion distortion), chromatic aberration and lens vignetting characteristics.

A handful of lens profiles will be provided by default and a Lens Profile Creator Utility will be posted on Adobe Labs allowing photographers to create their own lens profiles using a simple procedure. There are also manual distortion corrections that extend beyond traditional geometric distortion and provide horizontal and vertical transform adjustment. Read on for a video on this subject.

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Bay Area Dive Show is this Friday/Saturday in Santa Clara, CA Photo

Bay Area Dive Show is this Friday/Saturday in Santa Clara, CA

The Bay Area Dive Show runs this Friday evening and Saturday (all day), April 30 / May 1, 2010. Exhibits open from 5-8pm on Friday and from 9am-5pm on Saturday. Wetpixel will be in booth 109; please come say hi if you are planning to attend the show!

There will be a film festival on Friday night from 7:45-9:15pm, featuring Jason Bradley, Clay Wiseman, Ethan Gordon, and Wetpixel’s Eric Cheng. For more information, visit bayareadiveshow.com.

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Wanted: Wunderpus photographs Photo

Wanted: Wunderpus photographs

Crissy Huffard, Conservation International‘s Raja Ampat monitoring specialist and cephalopod expert extraordinaire, wants to use photographs to study Wunderpus.  Wunderpus is one of the most popular animals divers seek in muck, yet almost everything about their lives remains a mystery. We do not know how rare they are, how large an area they roam, or how long they live.

This is your chance to contribute your photos for the purposes of scientific research. Learn more after the jump.

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Wetpixel Expedition: Ambon Night Safari, Nov/Dec 2010 Photo

Wetpixel Expedition: Ambon Night Safari, Nov/Dec 2010

Wetpixel still has spots left for our Ambon Night Safari this coming Nov 7-16, 2010!

Photographers Eric Cheng and Tony Wu will lead the trip, which goes to one of the best critter spots on the planet. The humble shoreline at Laha is where the Maluku frogfish (Histiophryne psychedelica) was found a couple of years ago. This year, the elusive frogfish resurfaced, and we’re hoping they will still be there when we arrive.

Read the full details for more information on what to expect — we’re looking forward to the trip!

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David Doubilet to top the bill at WildPhotos 2010 Photo

David Doubilet to top the bill at WildPhotos 2010

David Doubilet will lead a line-up of speakers at WildPhotos 2010, the UK’s largest photography symposium dedicated to exploring the power of nature photography.

During the event, the winners of the Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition will also present their work, the results of the competition having been announced the day before.

WildPhotos will take place on Friday 22 and Saturday 23 October 2010, at the prestigious Royal Geographical Society in London and online delegate registration will open in early June 2010. Further details of speakers will be announced in the coming months. Read on for more information.

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Ocean acidification Photo

Ocean acidification

Evenings at Whitney Public Lecture Series -  April 8th, 2010 - Summary of “Ocean acidification: the other shoe for climate change. What could happen, what is likely, and what should we be doing?” Andrew Stamper, D.V.M., Dipl. A.C.Z.M., Epcot, The Seas.

When considering conservation of the ocean, one of the things we don’t often think about is the pH level in our oceans and how it affects our aquatic life. 
Just as the ph of a swimming pool affects our eyes and skin, the ph in the ocean affects the creatures living in it.  For those of you that have ever cared for an aquarium or a swimming pool, you may notice that even minute shifts in ph can cause marked changes in your water quality.

Can you imagine what would happen if you dropped the ph by 30% in your pool or aquarium?  Water quality would drop dramatically and when this happens in the ocean, the regulating enzymes within the marine live would go up or down, which is within the physiology of most creatures but at the costs of valuable energy.  The short-range changes would be adaption, and long-range successful adaptation is called evolution. Continue reading for more on this important topic.

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