Screen play for yet untitled movie, tentitively titled, “A Lawyer” Photo

Screen play for yet untitled movie, tentitively titled, “A Lawyer”

When entering photo competitions (or when uploading images to websites), you should always find and read the fine print to see what rights you have just granted. In general, responsible photo contests should only have rights to use your images in conjunction with the contest itself (e.g. announcement of winners in publications and online, for promotion of future contests, etc.). But many contests, especially those run by larger organizations, state that they can use any entry however they want, in perpetuity. In most cases, the language is boilerplate and may not be something an organization intends to take advantage of; Regardless, you should only enter contests and upload images if you are comfortable with the language.

Those of you who are more into dramatic recreations might want to click through to read our screen play about a fictional negotiation between Promotions Person and Mr. Lawyer, written by Wetpixel moderator TheRealDrew.

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Last call for Scuba Diving magazine’s 2010 photo contest Photo

Last call for Scuba Diving magazine’s 2010 photo contest

Scuba Diving Magazine’s has issued a last call for their 2010 photo contest, which ends this coming April 20. Prizes have been donated from various dive operators and equipment manufacturers.

The contest costs $10 to enter (per image), and is only for U.S. residents who don’t live in Arizona, New Jersey or Vermont. Note that there is some controversy around the rights of imagery in this contest; as always, you should read the fine print carefully and only enter if you feel comfortable doing so. There is a long discussion about such issues in our forum, which includes an illuminating screenplay about lawyers written by Drew Wohl, one of our moderators.

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Apple Aperture 3 review and discussion round-up Photo

Apple Aperture 3 review and discussion round-up

Lately, there has been a lot of discussion about Aperture 3 by underwater photographers. Here’s a round-up of reviews and discussion threads that might be interesting for those of you who might be thinking about using Aperture:

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Eric Cheng’s TEDxBerkeley 2010 talk is now online Photo

Eric Cheng’s TEDxBerkeley 2010 talk is now online

Here’s the justin.tv archive of my talk at TEDxBerkeley 2010, which was about bioluminescent flashlight fish in Papua New Guinea and sperm whales and Architeuthis dux giant squid in Ogasawara, Japan and Dominica.

There is a full archive of the event online, but you might find the clips easier to browse. I assume the TEDxBerkeley team will create clips for all of the talks, but you might have to wait until they catch up on sleep.

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Apple iPad, initial thoughts and review Photo

Apple iPad, initial thoughts and review

Wetpixel moderator TheRealDrew (he’s a new mod — welcome him!) was unable to resist the call of the iPad and has written a long forum post about his first day with Apple’s new tablet.

It looks to me that Apple has one again delivered a game changer. Will this go the way of the Newton or other tablets? Very well could be. And I would like certain things to be a bit more open, or at least answered, regarding the handling of files. But the one thing I know is that Apple has a way of making things special lately. I am in love. Just don’t tell my wife.

Click through to read the full post if you’re thinking about getting an iPad. My pre-order was shipped to the wrong city, so I’m still waiting for it. Grrr…

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Wetpixel’s Eric Cheng to speak at TEDxBerkeley on April 3 Photo

Wetpixel’s Eric Cheng to speak at TEDxBerkeley on April 3

I’m really looking forward to speaking at TEDxBerkeley, which will be held this coming Saturday, April 3, 2010 at Wheeler Auditorium at U.C. Berkeley.

I’ve just gotten confirmation that my 15-minute talk has been scheduled for 1:35 PM. The live webcast will start at 10:30 AM on Saturday, so if you aren’t able to get to Berkeley for the event, you can still stream it online.

If you can’t stream it live, you’ll be able to see all of the talks online at a later time; professional video folks will be producing more polished versions of the the videos suitable for podcast.

Be sure to follow @TEDxB and #TEDxB to find out the latest news about TEDxBerkeley!

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Thoughts on Mini Domes Photo

Thoughts on Mini Domes

Mini-domes have been generating lots of discussion on the Wetpixel forums in the last few months, following new products released by Seacam, Aquatica and Zen, which have been covered here on Wetpixel.

Wetpixel’s Alex Mustard, a long-time fan of mini-domes, shares his thoughts and some tests, some with surprising results, discussing whether this is the next must have accessory.

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