Charles Mazel on ultraviolet photography Photo

Charles Mazel on ultraviolet photography

With the right flash, filters, and digital camera with manual controls you can take fluorescence photographs underwater or outdoors in the daytime or with the lights on indoors. NightSea founder Charles Mazel has just published a paper in the online journal, Limnology & Oceanography: Methods, describing the method for underwater use, its limitations, and strategies for making the most of the technique. You can download the paper directly, or read about it on the NightSea web site.  The paper describes how the technique can be applied in a typical laboratory or home environment, and contains example images.

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Florida Dive Show Report Photo

Florida Dive Show Report

Florida dive show was a complete success. I spoke to many of the exhibitors, and all were pleased with the turnout for a first show—and with the new Palm Beach County Convention Center as the venue. For the photography crowd, speakers like Cathy Church,  Mauricio Handler and Paul Humann were well worth the price of admission. The latest and greatest U/W photography gear, both still and video, were also on display.

Several Wetpixel members were in attendance including Dave Haas, Laz Ruda, Ryan Canon and more…

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BSAC Travel Club Photographer of the Year 2005 Photo

BSAC Travel Club Photographer of the Year 2005

Congratulations to Gavin Parsons (Wetpixel user fishboy), who won the Open Category of the 2005 BSAC Travel Club Photography Contest with a shark shot entitled, “Liveaboard yacht,” taken in Sudan. Gavin becomes Photographer of the Year and wins a framed certificate from the British Sub-Aqua Club and a holiday on Wind Dancer, the Peter Hughes Diving liveaboard in Tobago. The prize also includes economy airfare between UK and Tobago.

Second place went to Pedro Vieyra, and third place, to Jim Greenfield.  In the Newcomers’ category, the winners were Geoff Stevens and Dawn Watson.

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Ikelite Canon 5D Housing Review Photo

Ikelite Canon 5D Housing Review

Wetpixel moderator William Heaton has posted a review of the Ikelite underwater housing for the full-frame Canon EOS-5D digital SLR, based on the first production housing to be shipped out.  There is an active discussion going on in the forums about the housing, and it looks like Ikelite will incorporate some of Will’s feedback into future housings.  Kudos to Ikelite for reacting so quickly to customer feedback, and thanks to William for such a thorough review.

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Your Best Shot Of 2005

2005 has been a fantastic year for underwater photography, with many new and exciting cameras, housings and strobes being released. It has also been an awesome year beneath the waves, as the active Wetpixel discussion “Your Best Shot Of 2005” attests. The rules of this forum thread are simple - post your favourite underwater picture that you’ve taken this year. But be warned, choosing just ONE favourite isn’t easy! There are already some fantastic images posted there, and hopefully it will soon be overflowing as more and more members add their photos. So no excuses, add your favourite today! (photo credit: Tiger Shark by Karl Dietz)

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Ars Technica reviews Aperture Photo

Ars Technica reviews Aperture

Ars Technica has reviewed Apple’s Aperture.  Read it.  Weep.  Pray (for a proper version 2).

“It is also disappointing to see form beat out function here, but hopefully this will be Apple’s software equivalent of the G4 Cube. They have only themselves to blame: they set themselves up for a big fall by attempting to dig themselves a chunk of the pro market by purporting to have the lossless holy grail of imaging. The trouble with that is they obviously didn’t have the engineering or expertise in RAW processing to pull it off or, if they did, they chose not to include it because of speed constraints due to Core Image…”

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