INON announces snoots for S-2000 strobes Photo

INON announces snoots for S-2000 strobes

INON INC. has announced new accessory snoots for its S-2000 strobe to narrow down its beam angle, providing various effects such as to blocking diffused light to eliminate backscatter, highlighting a subject, or using a spotlight effect.

The set contains a rubber hood, diffusers and snoot tubes of two different diameters.The combination of parts offers 6 different beam angles ranging from 16 to 105 degrees. For a refresher on the value of snoots in lighting, it’s worth taking another look at recent coverage of Keri Wilk’s outstanding work.

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Nauticam announces details of Canon EOS Rebel T2i housing Photo

Nauticam announces details of Canon EOS Rebel T2i housing

Nauticam has announced details and pricing for their newest housing, the NA-550D for the Canon EOS Rebel T2i (or 550D, depending on territory). The compact housing features new locking latches, a new lens release lever, and a new two stage shutter release providing a more tactile feel for focusing using half shutter press. The housing also features such ergonomic advances as a fingertip ISO paddle, and access to the camera’s playback button from the left handle.

The NA-550D is rated to 100 meters and will be available in the US for $2500 starting June 14. Additional details and photos after the jump.

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New DiveFilmHD Podcast Released Photo

New DiveFilmHD Podcast Released

DiveFilm HD, the popular Podcast produced by Mary Lynn Price, in association with Wetpixel, has just released a new episode.  It is called “In The Company Of Sperm Whales,” and features interviews with Eric Cheng and local tour operators, together with photographs and video from Eric’s encounters with the whales in Dominica.

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Panasonic announces 8mm fisheye for Micro Four Thirds Photo

Panasonic announces 8mm fisheye for Micro Four Thirds

Although previously reported in our forums as an entry in Panasonic’s Micro Four Thirds future roadmap, the company today has formally announced its extremely compact 8mm fisheye lens. Weighing in at only 165 grams, Panasonic has proclaimed the lens to be the ” world’s smallest and lightest interchangeable digital fisheye lens.” With a minimum focus distance of only 10cm, this lens has instantly given new relevance to using the emerging Micro Four Thirds standard for underwater applications, and will undoubtedly be of great interest to housing manufacturers. It will also be compatible with the forthcoming Panasonic Micro Four Thirds camcorder.

Sony’s NEX camera system is poised to offer a fisheye adapter right from launch, and it will be interesting to see a comparison of optical quality once both lenses are out in the wild. Panasonic’s 8mm fisheye will become available in July. DPreview found the fisheye an odd choice for Panasonic to launch right now since there are other holes in the Micro Four Thirds lineup that need to be filled, but for underwater photographers, the timing couldn’t be better. Read their whole preview here.

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British Splash-In Photo

British Splash-In

The quest is on to find the UK’s top underwater photographer. The title will be decided at the annual British Splash-In Championship being staged at Plymouth on Saturday, July 3, 2010 by the British Society of Underwater Photographers. The winner of the title chosen by an independent panel of judges will be jetting off to the Maldives with a companion to enjoy a fabulous one-week liveaboard trip donated Maldives Scuba Tours.

The on the day competition, taking place in Plymouth 3rd July, is open to all, including those from outside the UK and non-BSoUP members.

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Jason Bradley’s Channel Islands seminar for UW photographers Photo

Jason Bradley’s Channel Islands seminar for UW photographers

Join professional photographers Jason Bradley, Kevin McDonnell and guest speaker Norbert Wu for an on-the-boat seminar and and four days of diving in California’s Southern Channel Islands this coming August 20-23, 2010. The trip will be on a limited load trip on Truth Aquatics’ vessel, Vision, and space is limited! Jason’s work is featured in Wetpixel Quarterly #8, which will be shipping in early June.

Contact Jason directly for details on signing up: contact@bradleyphotographic.com or 818-415-2767. See BradleyPhotographic.com for more information (or, you can click through to see some of Jason’s work).

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New perspectives on Gulf of Mexico oil spill Photo

New perspectives on Gulf of Mexico oil spill

Now over a month into the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico following the explosion and subsequent gusher from BP’s Deepwater Horizon rig, the world got a whole new perspective on the disaster yesterday as ABC’s Good Morning America and Philippe Cousteau Jr. dived below the surface of the spill.

Donning hazmat equipment for diving in toxic environments, corespondent Sam Champion and Cousteau, grandson of the great explorer Jacques Cousteau, provided a powerful underwater look at what has now been proclaimed to be the worst oil spill in U.S. history. You can watch the segment here. Additional links after the jump.

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