San Diego UnderSea Film Festival program released Photo

San Diego UnderSea Film Festival program released

The San Diego UnderSea Film Festival (SDUFEX) has posted a program of screenings for the event, which will be held over 17/18 September 2010. Thirty-two films, from a total of fifty-five entries, were selected by the judges for showing during the festival. What makes this exhibition unique is that there are no entry fees and no prizes, except for the prestige of having a film shown. Tickets are also now available and a portion of the proceeds will go to Birch Aquarium and San Diego Oceans Foundation.

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The Naked Scientists present Naked Oceans podcasts Photo

The Naked Scientists present Naked Oceans podcasts

The University of Cambridge’s “Naked Scientists” recently launched a new series of podcasts under the name “Naked Oceans”. These monthly, half-hour podcasts, funded by the Save Our Seas Foundation, investigate various topics of ocean science and conservation. They’re presented by Helen Scales and Sarah Castor-Perry, both members of the Naked Scientists team and alumni of the University of Cambridge’s Department of Zoology. They aim, with the help of expert guests, to make people aware of the importance of vital ocean environments and the threats these are under.

The podcasts are designed to be interactive, with the ability for users to submit questions via email, Facebook or Twitter. The third show, due for September release, will look at the science of tracking sharks. Guests include Mahmood Shivji from the Save Our Seas Foundation Shark Research Center and the Guy Harvey Research Institute in Florida, who will talk about using genetic tools to track the shark fin trade. Future topics will include whaling, pollution in the oceans and overfishing.

The podcasts are available for free on iTunes as well as from the Naked Oceans website.

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Nauticam responds to NA-550D housing problems Photo

Nauticam responds to NA-550D housing problems

Nauticam has released an official announcement in connection with the problems that a few wetpixel members have highlighted in the forum. The issue affects the NA-550D, a housing for the Canon 550D, and addresses an issue with a screw loosening due to vibration. Nauticam NA-550D owners are recommended to contact their dealers at their earliest convenience.

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BLUE Ocean Film Festival 3D wrap-up Photo

BLUE Ocean Film Festival 3D wrap-up

Although I missed the 3D panel discussion at this year’s BLUE Ocean Film Festival, I did arrive at the festival in time to check out the various 3D offerings in the exhibit hall. BLUE also commandeered the local Cannery Row IMAX theater to show a bunch of underwater 3D (and 2D) IMAX films. In 3D, participants of BLUE were able to see Ultimate Wave Tahiti 3D and Under the Sea 3D. It was indeed a true luxury to have so many underwater IMAX films available for viewing at once…

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Underwater Photography magazine issue 56 available Photo

Underwater Photography magazine issue 56 available

The September/October 2010 issue of Underwater Photography magazine (UwP) is available as a free download. Issue 56 is the biggest issue yet, and features articles about the Caves of La Palma by Glenn Lawyer, the Sigma 17-70mm lens by Alex Tattersall, shooting SLR video with Berkley White by Peter Rowlands and the Shark Shootout by Joseph Tepper, among others. In addition there are pages of news, reviews and product announcements.

UwP magazine is a free download in PDF format.

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Review: Light & Motion’s SOLA600 focus light Photo

Review: Light & Motion’s SOLA600 focus light

Light and Motion’s new SOLA600 focus and video light is put to the test by Alex Mustard. This new light packs 679 lumens of illumination into a small, lightweight and completely sealed package. It also features an interesting red light mode designed to minimise disturbance on marine life during photography.

Alex has been so impressed with the SOLA600 that he has stretched his review out over five countries to put off having to return it! Read on for his thoughts.

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Canon releases compact HD pro camcorders Photo

Canon releases compact HD pro camcorders

Canon has released a new series of compact HD professional camcorders: The XF105 and XF100. Both models are designed to record in MPEG-2 50Mbps with 4:2:2 color sampling direct to Compact Flash memory cards and are very compact, which may make them ideal for underwater use. The new models can also give multiple bit rates, resolutions and variable frame rates for over or under cranking. They also feature a built-in infra-red low light feature, and have specific features designed to allow two cameras to run in tandem for 3D footage.

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