Wetpixel staff featured on NWP Photo Forum

The Nature, Wildlife and Pet Photography Forum have just published an online interview with Wetpixel Co-Admin Alex Mustard. The interview covers his approach to photography, the influences on his work, publishing images and the environment. Alex is the second Wetpixel staff member to featured in their “Artist Showcase” interview series, after Eric Cheng was profiled last year. Other interviewees in this series include Thom Hogan, Bjorn Rorslett, Michael Reichmann and Ron Reznick. Photo: Alex and Eric on the Shearwater by James Wiseman.

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Cayman Digital Madness

Scuba Diving Magazine and the Cayman Islands department of Tourism are proud to announce the innaugral Digital Madness, which runs from the 16-23 September 2006. The event takes place simulatenously at 4 of the Islands’ best known dive centres, under the experienced eye of celebrity host, (Wetpixel member!) and Scuba Diving Magazine’s Photography Director, Stephen Frink. The photo-pros based at each resort are Cathy Church, Courtney Platt, Mike Nelson and Wetpixel’s own Alex Mustard. Digital Madness should appeal to all levels of digital photographer who want the chance to dive, party, learn and shoot, and get the chance to win from an impressive $30,000 US in prizes.

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Sony Announces A100 Camera and Lenses Photo

Sony Announces A100 Camera and Lenses

Sony today announced their first DSLR offering and an impressive suite of lenses and accessories.  This camera features the Minolta lens mount and uses a 10 megapixel 1.5x cropped sensor, similar, but probably not identical to what is used in the Nikon D200.  Along with the camera, Sony announced a number of impressive lenses - of special interest for underwater shooters are: 100mm f2.8 macro, 11-18mm wide zoom, 16mm fisheye, and an 18-70mm standard zoom.

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Kona Classic 2006 Contest Winners + Photos Photo

Kona Classic 2006 Contest Winners + Photos

The 5th annual Kona Classic was great fun this year, with over 30 participants competing the photo competition during the week of diving in Kona.  Sport Diver’s Ty Sawyer and photo pros David Fleetham, Eric Cheng, and Marty Snyderman were the judges of this year’s contest, with Dan Baldocchi representing video and Fred Dion on hand to fix gear problems. 

In an incredible upset, this year’s Best of Show image was shot by Kate Mitchell with a Canon point & shoot camera!  Photo contest winners and photos from the event follow…

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Stephen Wong and Takako Uno Exhibition: Form & Dance Photo

Stephen Wong and Takako Uno Exhibition: Form & Dance

Stephen Wong and Takako Uno, husband and wife marine photojournalist team, are showing their images in an exhibition entitled, Form & Dance, which will be held in Hong Kong from 6 to 23 June at 1/F Devon House, Taikoo Place, Island East, from 08:00 to 21:00 each day.  Instead of a documentary approach to marine photography, the couple present a more lyrical and artistic style, symbolized in the title of the exhibition. Stephen and Takako use light and colour to create a surreal mood highlighting marine animals and their environment, which they hope will help increase people’s concern toward protecting our marine world.

Stephen and Takako’s work has appeared in numerous international marine and wildlife books, journals, photo agencies, exhibitions, and websites, and the couple’s images have won dozens of international photographic competitions. Their marine photo books include An Ocean Odyssey, Gorontalo — Hidden Treasure, and Celebrate the Sea.

For more information, contact: +852-2844-5094. (via FiNS Blog)

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X-Ray Magazine #11 is available for download Photo

X-Ray Magazine #11 is available for download

Our friends over at X-Ray Magazine have released issue #11, which is now available for download.  X-Ray is one of the highest-quality underwater magazines we’ve seen, and it’s free!  Issue summary:

Patagonia, Argentina. El Hierro, the Canary Islands, Coral Bleaching and Global Warming. Crossing the Atlantic on a research vessel. The Conveyor Belt, the oceans global circulation. Building reefs on the Maldives. Cosmetics for Divers. Leigh Cunningham: The Wake-up call. Travelling with Camera Equipment. Japanese wrecks off Palau. Portfolio: Patrick Chevalier.

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Nikon D2Xs announced Photo

Nikon D2Xs announced

Nikon announced the D2Xs digital SLR today, which has subtle improvements over the original D2X.  Improvements include a larger, 2.5” LCD monitor, electronic masking of the viewfinder screen when in high-speed crop mode, modified metering in high-speed crop mode, a longer-lasting battery, black & white mode, Adobe RGB color space in all color modes, custom tone curves, 1/3 ISO boost, in-camera trim, image authentication compatibility (requires additional equipment), the ability to save and load settings between cameras, and more.

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Vodan 2006 9th Underwater Photo & Video Contest Photo

Vodan 2006 9th Underwater Photo & Video Contest

VODAN 2006 is soliciting entries for its 9th International Underwater Photo & Video Contest in Nova Gorica, Slovenia.  Categories include ambience, fish, and macro in both tropical and cold water, as well as fresh water, images from digital compact cameras, and underwater video.  The grand prize is a Seacam underwater housing or flash.

Entries must be received by September 7, 2006 in order to be eligible for the competition.  The pdf entry form can be downloaded here.

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