Updates from Ambon: Laha’s twilight zone Photo

Updates from Ambon: Laha’s twilight zone

The Wetpixel Ambon Night Safari is underway, please stay tuned for more updates from the field: The most well-known dive site in Ambon is called Laha. Laha is known as “Twilight Zone” by the folks who first dove it – and for good reason: its mucky slope is packed full of the strange and outrageous. When we came here in April of 2009, we enjoyed the site so much that we spent 6 full days diving its mucky slope.

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How to create a housing: Mini series Photo

How to create a housing: Mini series

Wetpixel member Jean Bruneau has written a mini series about the creation of an underwater housing over on DivePhotoGuide. Written in five chapters and covering everything from the design of a new housing all the way through to final assembly and testing, the series is being delivered in three installments. If you have ever wondered exactly how manufacturers create a housing or what actually goes in to making one, this is an excellent place to look.

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Mantas of Hanifaru: Protection from tourists? Photo

Mantas of Hanifaru: Protection from tourists?

The latest Maldive dive spot has to be Hanifaru Bay and the amazing Manta action that happens a few months of the year. It is because of the increased tourism that the area was declared protected from fishermen and Mantas put on the no-fishing list. However, this year, the influx of tourists has now increased to the point where the mantas are affected and do not congregate in the great numbers documented from previous years. Is tourism too much of a good thing that it is now a bad thing? Join the discussion in the forum as member discuss this hot topic and the solutions that have been proposed.

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Wetpixel Ambon Night Safari gets underway Photo

Wetpixel Ambon Night Safari gets underway

The Wetpixel Ambon Night Safari is underway in full force; we are doing 3 night dives each evening and are enjoying being immersed in a soup of the bizarre creatures that inhabit the waters of Ambon, including discarded diapers, tampons and other desirable subjects. Unfortunately, the nasty stuff thrown into the bay is part of what creates such an interesting underwater habitat.

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WildPhotos 2010 agrees ethics declaration Photo

WildPhotos 2010 agrees ethics declaration

At the recent WildPhotos conference in London, a vote was carried out among the attendees about what was acceptable behavior when interacting and photographing wildlife. The results varies, with 95% of people comfortable with the idea of attracting birds with seed, compared with only 5-10% who would hire an animal model from a game farm. Perhaps most interestingly, only 30% would declare that they had digitally manipulated a picture to add or remove subjects or blemishes.

One of the results of this poll is the launch of an online ethics declaration to which individuals can sign up.

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Wetpixel @ DEMA 2010 Photo

Wetpixel @ DEMA 2010

The annual DEMA show is fast approaching, and as usual, Wetpixel plans to offer full coverage of the event. Sterling Zumbrunn, Norbert Wu and Adam Hanlon will all be at the show, and we aim to bring you regular updates throughout of new products, personalities and events. The show starts on Tuesday 17 and runs through till Saturday 20 November so please keep checking back on the front page regularly.

As already announced, Wetpixel and DivePhotoGuide will join forces to offer their infamous cocktail night on Thursday 18 November. Please track down any of us for more details.

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Watershot releases LED focus/video lights Photo

Watershot releases LED focus/video lights

Watershot has announced the release of several new lights in their STRYKR range. The new models all feature 700 lumen LED light units, and are designed to be used as video or focus lights. The STRYKR video is a lighthead for use with a separate battery pack and Watershot has also designed a new battery pack that allows two STRYKR video light heads to be run simultaneously. The STRYKR torch video is a compact video light, suited for use with video DSLRs as a focus or video light.

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Sony announces PMW-F3k S35mm sensor Cinealta Camera Photo

Sony announces PMW-F3k S35mm sensor Cinealta Camera

Sony just announced the PMW-F3k Cinealta camera, which has a S35mm EXMOR sensor and 23.976fps native recording to XDCAM EX codec. The S35mm (APS-C) sized sensor allows the use of PL mount cinema lenses like Arri, Panavision and Leica and has a ISO800 native sensitivity. It is also 3D ready with genlock and control functionality sync available for a dual camera system. The camera comes with a 35mm, 50mm and 85mm T2.0 lenses. Pricing and availability is not yet announced

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