DEMA 2007: NiteRider - Dive Lights International Photo

DEMA 2007: NiteRider - Dive Lights International

NiteRider (Dive Lights International) had on display their lineup of full facemask and helmet-mounted HID headlamps and a new LED-based video light. Using (3) 3W high-intensity LEDs, NiteRider CEO Thomas Carroll specified light output nearly 20% brighter than a 10W HID lamp.

The LED light will be available with 90° diffuser for video applications or 10° spot reflector for general diving purposes, and will burn for approximately 5 hours with the included NiMH battery pack.

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DEMA 2007: Gates Housings Photo

DEMA 2007: Gates Housings

Gates Housings displayed their popular line of fully-mechanical video housings. They recently started shipping a housing for the Canon XH-A1 (which fits the XH-G1 as well), which can be fitted with their superwide lens. A RED camera housing (announced last month) is still under development, but it will likely be the end of next year before it is shipping.

Gates also had on display their new vacuum seal check system (called Seal Check), a packaged version similar to the one that Howard Hall, Bob Cranston, and Norbert Wu have been using for years.

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DEMA 2007: Sea & Sea Photo

DEMA 2007: Sea & Sea

Sea & Sea’s large booth was merged with TUSA, their parent USA distributor. They had quite a few new products on display.

Kevin McDonald showed me their new housings, which included housings for the Canon 1D Mk III, 40D, and Digital Rebel XTi, and for the Nikon D300. Sea & Sea has so far been the only booth with a D300 housing prototype on display…

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DEMA 2007: Ikelite Underwater Systems Photo

DEMA 2007: Ikelite Underwater Systems

Ikelite had a few new products on display in addition to their popular line of SubStrobes. Jean Brigham took me on a tour of their new dive lights, housings, ports, and more.

Ikelite’s PCm LED is a compact little dive light that now uses a single super-bright LED. It uses 4 AA batteries, which will power the light for 3 hours…

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DEMA 2007: Diving Almanac & Yearbook Photo

DEMA 2007: Diving Almanac & Yearbook

Jeffrey Gallant was showing the 2008 edition of the Diving Almanac & Yearbook, which markets itself as the only almanac, yearbook, book of records, and who’s who of the international diving community. The first edition was launched last year at DEMA.

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DEMA 2007: Art Innovation Center Photo

DEMA 2007: Art Innovation Center

The Art Innovation Center at DEMA was full of works by Wyland, and when I arrived, Wyland was accompanied by a mermaid and was receiving some sort of trophy

checking out the Wyland Icon Award trophies with Greg Holt of ScubaRadio. Wyland was also doing some live paintings at the show, and the rows behind were full of artwork and photographs.

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