Aquatica announces AGH5 housing Photo

Aquatica announces AGH5 housing

Aquatica has announced their AGH5 housings for the Panasonic GH5 mirrorless camera. It features a redesigned shutter lever, levers for ISO and white balance, and easy access to Fn2 and Fn5 programmable buttons. There are 3 ports for accessories and electrical or optical strobe triggering options.

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Videux video workflow app available Photo

Videux video workflow app available

After extensive beta testing, Videux has released their final versions. The app is an “organizer, player, and workflow assistant for video that is highly optimized to get tens of thousands of videos organized and ready for editing.” It is available for Mac via direct download or from the Apple Store as a full or an LT version. It is compatible with most video formats and allows for sorting footage via numerous criteria.

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Spaces available: Wetpixel, RED and Gates Tiger Beach Filmmakers workshop Photo

Spaces available: Wetpixel, RED and Gates Tiger Beach Filmmakers workshop

Are you someone wanting a career as an underwater cameraman? Or an experienced filmmaker wanting an update to all the latest tools and techniques? In either case, join Wetpixel, RED Digital Cinema and Gates Underwater Products in the Bahamas at a unique event this November that aims to explore and expand filmmaker’a skills with cutting edge technologies. We will be diving and filming at Tiger Beach, with the amazing Epic Diving, which in itself is an amazing experience!

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