Underwater microscope documents coral behaviour Photo

Underwater microscope documents coral behaviour

A paper in the journal Nature Communications reports on the results of Benthic Underwater Microscope (BUM). The device, designed by Scripps Institution of Oceanography was deployed in the Gulf of Eilat and produced imagery of corals apparently “embracing” and turf wars between coral polyps. The microscope was also able to capture recently bleached living coral being colonised by algae when it was used at Maui, Hawaii.

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Freeze Frame: Introduction Photo

Freeze Frame: Introduction

Wetpixel are proud to introduce Freeze Frame; an exclusive new monthly column by award winning underwater filmmaker Evan Sherman. He will be writing about the tips and tricks that make image and video creation work in some of the most extreme and remote locations in the world. In this first installment, Evan outlines his philosophy in the “battle” to “win the image-making war.”

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