Inon announces Front Cover 150 Photo

Inon announces Front Cover 150

Inon has released a neoprene cover and protector that is compatible with their wide angle wet lenses (UWL-H100, UWL-100 28AD, UWL-100 28LD, and UWL-100 28AD) when used with their attached Lens Hood II. It can also be sued to protect the domed lenses of the Z330 and D-200 strobes

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Last day to bid in Sea Save Auction Photo

Last day to bid in Sea Save Auction

All the lots in the 2018 Sea Save annual year-end auction end tomorrow, 20 December. Up for grabs are 59 dive travel adventures to some of the most exotic destination on the planet. Currently, most of these amazing trips are listed at considerably less than their list prices so are real bargains. The proceeds of the auction all go directly towards supporting the Sea Save Foundation’s campaigns.

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RIP Bob Halstead Photo

RIP Bob Halstead

Douglas Seifert has kindly shared a moving tribute to author, musician, photographer, scuba pioneer and explorer Bob Halstead who has died after an illness. Bob qualified to dive in 1968 in the Bahamas and moved to Papua New Guinea in the late 1970s, becoming the first person to promote dive tourism in PNG. Widely credited as having invented the genre (and coined the term) of “muck diving,” Bob was well known for exploring areas that other divers had not visited, in a quest for new species and unique environments.

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Chinchorro Crocodile Encounters by Don Silcock Photo

Chinchorro Crocodile Encounters by Don Silcock

Don Silcock presents a photographic essay and review of diving with American crocodiles (Crocodylus acutus) at Mexico’s Chinchorro Banks. He describes in some depth how the crocodiles are often static until a photographer approaches too close when they can explode into dynamic action. The wranglers keep a close eye on the animals and use large wooden sticks to act as physical barriers if required.

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UW Technics releases TTL firmware for Subtronic strobes Photo

UW Technics releases TTL firmware for Subtronic strobes

UW Technics has announced new firmware that offers support for TTL profiles with Subtronic strobes. The TTL converters equipped with this firmware are available for many housings and is compatible with both current and legacy Subtronic strobes, along with other strobe brands. The TTL circuits offer flash exposure compensation via the cameras’ controls as well as rear curtain sync with Canon cameras.

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